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An embedded library helping you to get tokens prices without you caring about the integrations you need for various oracles.

In the current version, our SDK provides a connection to Chainlink. Also, the right oracle adapter is chosen based on which network you are calling the library from


function getTokenPrice(address token) external view returns (uint256) {    return Oracle.getTokenPrice(token);}


// Retrieves token's pricefunction getTokenPrice(address tokenAddress) internal view returns (uint256) {    address oracleAdapter = OracleAdapterGetter.getOracleAdapter();    return IOracle(oracleAdapter).getTokenPrice(tokenAddress);}

Each oracle will have an Adapter. As mentioned above, the oracle the SDK integrates with is Chainlink, for which we created the following adapter

contract ChainlinkAdapter is IOracle, Ownable {    /// @notice maps token address to price feed aggregator    mapping(address => address) public tokenToAggregator;
    /// @notice emits this event when a new price aggregator is added for a token    event AddedTokenPriceAggregator(address _tokenAddress, address _aggregator);
    /// @notice Add a chainlink data feed aggregator for a token    /// @param _tokenAddress The address of the token to add    /// @param _tokenAddress The address of the data feed aggregator for the token    function addTokenPriceAggregator(address _tokenAddress, address _aggregator) external onlyOwner {        require(address(_tokenAddress) != address(0), "INVALID_TOKEN_ADDRESS");        require(address(_aggregator) != address(0), "INVALID_AGGREGATOR_ADDRESS");        tokenToAggregator[_tokenAddress] = _aggregator;        emit AddedTokenPriceAggregator(_tokenAddress, _aggregator);    }
    function getTokenPrice(address _tokenAddress) external view override returns (uint256) {        require(address(_tokenAddress) != address(0), "INVALID_TOKEN_ADDRESS");        address _aggregator = tokenToAggregator[_tokenAddress];        require(address(_aggregator) != address(0), "UNSUPPORTED_TOKEN_ADDRESS");        IChainlinkV3Aggregator priceFeed = IChainlinkV3Aggregator(_aggregator);        (, int256 price, , , ) = priceFeed.latestRoundData();        return uint256(price);    }}