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Welcome to Composable Finance SDK Docs

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What is Composable Finance ?

Explore the core fundamentals of Composable Finance, the foundations of our innovation and our development. From Bridges, Parachains, Oracle Pallets and much more - explore how we are transforming DeFi for the better

V1 Composable SDK

The Composable SDK is crafted to power developers when interacting with the protocol in any environment that can execute javascript.

Getting Started

Explore our library of docs and get your dApp integrated and upgraded with our suite of Composable Finance Protocols.

Quick start

Get started on web integrations with Composable SDK

Solidity Quick Start

Connect your smart contracts to any supported chain

Typescript Quick Start

Send funds from your dApp to any supported chain

Protocols Overview

Retrieve ABIs, addresses and interfaces of various DeFi protocols

Developer Links

Check our deployed contracts



Mosaic deployments


Quick Links



Composable Finance Grants Program

In an effort to realize our vision for the connected Web 3.0 future, we invite developers to build pallets and utilize our cross-layer SDK.